The Naji Foundation provides funding on a range of themes to promote the public understanding of the strengths and limitations of the scientific process and biases within the system, with a particular focus on health. Some of these themes include:

  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Communicating the benefits and risks of medicines
  • Communication of evidence to support decision-making
  • Perceptions of society on scientific evidence
  • Conflicts of interest and unconscious bias
  • Transparency in research and evidence
  • Publication bias and access to trial findings
  • The role of the media in public understanding and decision-making
  • Public and patient critical appraisal of health claims

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Current projects receiving funding from the Naji foundation

Organisation Project Donation Link
Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, University of Oxford Naji DPhil Scholarship in the Public Understanding of Evidence-Based Medicine £113,171
Academy of Medical Sciences How can we all best use evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of medicines £30,000
Sense about Science Support for core activities £20,000
Science Media Centre Support for core activities £10,000
Norwegian Institute of Public Health Informed Health Choices £8,000
School of Pharmacy, University College Cork Determinants of vaccination in Ireland: Focusing on Adolescent Vaccination €8,130
Teaching EBM course scholarships for Irish professionals (2) £3,000
Sci:Com Conference 2016 Panel session on ‘Trust in science, scientists and evidence’ €3,000
Testing Treatments Interactive User testing of new website £6990
Establishment of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare Ireland (EBMI) €45,000